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I have started a new project in the Forest of Dean, there is so much to capture and record there. This work has been shown to Artspace and it is hoped there will be room for it next year, early January, maybe.

This year saw the opening of the Artspace show of my project, Coal face. It was a great success, over fifty people in total turned out. It was brilliant to see everyone, the miners were clean shaved and looking quite dapper, they were thrilled to be photographed by local Heritage Official, Sue. Images from the project now live on the walls of over a dozen owners, it’s good to see the work get some recognition. 2019.

Continuing projects in the Forest of Dean, are wide and far reaching, both on the surface and below. Recently I started shooting underground, deep down, at the working face of a coal mine. Coal Face is a study of Free Miners, using a mix of black and white and also colour work. It is hoped that Coal Face is exhibited early 2019 in the Forest of Dean. This project has a wide following and recently I teamed up with Features Writer, Chris Manby, who ventured into the mine and crawled to the working face, the full story and images have been published in The Independent, November 2018, as part of the Independent Minds section.

The series once known as Project FoD, Ow Bist, Owd Butty, an on going documentary set in the Forest of Dean, found a natural partner at ArtSpace, Cinderford. The work went on show from the 5th Feb' 2018 and ran for 8 weeks. The opening night was a huge success with a full house of visitors from the local area as well as further afield including two people who travelled from London. The work has now returned home and is available on loan for further exhibition. Please get in touch if interested. 
I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who helped to make the project such a huge success, not least of all ArtSpace and Kenny John at Creates Gallery, Monmouth.

Fragments from the Surface

The culmination of 8 years of shooting on the streets of the photographers home town, this body of work will see the light of day in a new photo book. As savage as Frank's The Americans, this dark visual poem will be a certain delight.

Tee Art.
A selection of photographs are now being printed onto quality tee shirts, so you have the chance to wear photo art. Please see the link on the Tee Shirt page, thanks.


A very nice feature in Creates Magazine.

A very nice feature in Creates Magazine.