Having worked in black and white for over 25 years and suddenly having an i-phone it was inevitable that colour photography would start to play a part in my image making. Colour has started to push me towards other subjects and I enjoy the process of being able to express what i see using the added substance, if you like, that colour adds to photography. Especially when applied to documentary photography.

The slide show below is a small selection of images, mostly these were made on digital equipment, but occasionally I put a roll of colour film through and old 35mm camera. I have no particular method in creating colour images, often it’s the simple and even stark reality of the burst of colour, in other cases I see blocks of colour/tone, much like black and white photography. Although my passion in equipment has always been mechanical, it has to be said the i-phone is quite a powerful and proficient tool, much like the old Trip and I rely upon it’s clever algorithms more and more.